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This guide is intended to be used by students who are Math majors, minors, or students enrolled in an Math course.  This guide will provide an overview of resources that would benefit students in research and study for Math courses.  Please check for other guides that could assist you as well.

Not sure where to start?

B.E.E. is the information literacy model that has been created to implement across campus. B.E.E. stands for "Brainstorm, Explore, Evidence".

Brainstorm is the initial process you go through once you have received an assignment in class. The most important part of this portion is choosing a topic that not only meets the assignment requirements, but is also something you're interested in researching/writing about.

Explore covers internet research. The internet can be a difficult place to navigate, but in this module, we give you tools to help you responsibly use the internet.

Evidence is the module that helps you dive deeper into a research topic by helping you find scholarly, peer reviewed research utilizing library resources.

For additional information on B.E.E., click here to access the B.E.E. LibGuide.

Peer Reviewed Research

Most of your professors will require you to use peer reviewed research for your assignments.  Peer reviewed means that other experts in the field have reviewed the research prior to publication.  

Interlibrary Loan

Need a resource we don't have?

Through interlibrary loan, the librarians have the ability to request materials from other libraries.  

Please submit an interlibrary loan request by using the Interlibrary Loan Form,

or send an e-mail with the resource citation information to


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